Tom Goss

I have been to one clothing-optional camp and it was tgerrific even though the cool, rainy weather didn't allow much nakedness. Are there shorter opprotunities at EAston? AFRe there similar opporunities closer or less expensive than Easton. I live in Minnesota. I feel comfortable with who I am bjut tgherfe are many complicatgions being bisexual and married, I need help in helping my wife to accept my gayness. Joe N.

Tom Goss responded on 08/06/2013

Depends on what you're looking for Joe. There are plenty of shorter opportunities at Easton. That said, Easton is about much more than being clothing optional. It's a spiritual retreat center, there are weekend long, and week long workshops all year on a variety of different topics.

Most gay campgrounds in the US have places that are clothing optional. If you're looking more for the opportunity to be naked, you should check out this link:

Good luck.

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