Tom Goss

Don't really have a question. Just wanted to let you know that I love your "Bears" video, and look forward to seeing you on August 18th in San Diego.

Tom Goss responded on 07/29/2013

Thanks Aaron! I can't wait to be in San Diego hanging out with you : )

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Atlanta Opportunity!Tom, I am a huge fan. Love talented artists who actually write great music and lyrics, play their own stuff, etc. I am the one who posted on Facebook that I was able to get my favorite bar here in Atlanta to play your video in their rotation. Well,l have had several people asking if you were touring and coming to Atlanta. I'm a Dentist, just love music.Be willing to help fund you coming to ATL; It would likely be gay bar if that's ok. If interested in talking further, you can email me at I'm very serious, for instance last year I brought Eric Himan here for a private concert. He is one of my favorite artists,I flew him here, paid him a fee, set him up in a hotel, etc. It was fun. Be willing to do a private thing too, but just thought for you, would probably be more beneficial to have more exposure, a venue where public who may not know you can see how talented you are and you could prob sell merch, pitch ur music, and perform. Thanks,Steven

Tom Goss responded on 07/29/2013
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I have been to one clothing-optional camp and it was tgerrific even though the cool, rainy weather didn't allow much nakedness. Are there shorter opprotunities at EAston? AFRe there similar opporunities closer or less expensive than Easton. I live in Minnesota. I feel comfortable with who I am bjut tgherfe are many complicatgions being bisexual and married, I need help in helping my wife to accept my gayness. Joe N.

Tom Goss responded on 08/06/2013
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